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Minister of Finance scores with outlined vision for Jamaica's Ganja Industry

| 2016-05-17 00:00:00

The Minister of Finance Audley Shaw in his Budget Speech to Parliament on Thursday May 12th made it clear that Jamaica will move with a sense of Urgency in developing an international standard medical marijuana industry.

Minister Shaw gave a clear, extremely informative and important presentation during which he explained the importance of a medicinal ganja industry as an integral part of the government’s policy for real sustainable economic development and for small business development particularly in the creation of value added products.

He also spoke about the potential for research and scientific development in Jamaica, in building a world rated center of excellence headlined by our Universities and science institutions.

The Minister displayed a firm grasp of the dynamic nature of the Medical marijuana industry and urged us not to squander any more opportunities for its development, recalling that Jamaica was indeed one of the first countries in the world to produce internationally acclaimed medicinal ganja products as Asthmasol and Canasol for needy patients. Minister Shaw also provided real examples of how hemp and cannabidiol will form an important part of Jamaicas Vision for this new industry

Farmers, investors and advocates have viewed The Minister of Finance’s wide ranging speech as the much needed signal that Jamaica will now move with a sense of renewed purpose, vision and seriousness to build a viable medicinal ganja industry in Jamaica, leading to the expansion of production and incomes in the economy.

The government is expected to start processing applications for licensees within a few weeks to officially start the process.

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