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Service disruptions & implementation of contingency measures in the Kingston FIR

Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority | 2016-01-26 00:00:00

As work advances under the programme to upgrade the island’s Air Traffic Management (ATM) equipment and facilities, representatives of the French contract firm, Thales Air Systems, completed an evaluation of Jamaica’s radar sites over the period January 18 – 23, 2016. To facilitate these checks, radar antennae at the Norman Manley International Airport, as well as the Mount Denham and Norwood sites, were temporarily shut down on separate days, to facilitate the evaluation process. 

While service at all radar sites was successfully restored, there have been subsequent service disruptions, particularly occurring from one radar site. Given the impact on the island’s air traffic management system, notices have been issued to all local and international Air Operators, to advise them of the challenges and the implementation of flow control measures, as we seek to facilitate the continued and safe conduct of air traffic services over the period.

The Air Traffic Management contingency plan accords with established international requirements for safely and efficiently conducting air traffic services under conditions, such as the existing. However, the Jamaica Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (JATCA) yesterday communicated to its members who work Radar control positions, not to take active duty, citing safety issues.

Director General of the JCAA, Mr. Nari Williams-Singh has also advised that, as the modernization programme progresses, interim measures to enhance safety also include consultation with radar supply company, Raytheon, regarding the implementation of a service life extension programme, further efforts to secure spare parts, and consultation with neighbouring Flight Information Regions (FIRs) regarding radar-sharing capabilities and arrangements.

The JCAA is also working to resolve the existing industrial relations challenges, which have been impacting harmonious working relationships.

In the meantime, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority assures the public of its unwavering commitment to the industry to ensure its safe and efficient operation. The Authority seeks the cooperation of all stakeholders, as we work to ensure a successful project implementation process, which enhances the safety and efficiency of Jamaica’s aviation industry.  

The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) is the statutory organization within the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, which is responsible for regulating Jamaica’s aviation industry and supporting its safe and orderly development.

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