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JCAA issues official response to pronouncements made by JATCA

Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority | 2015-08-05 00:00:00

The management of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) has noted the comments made by representatives of the Jamaica Air Traffic Controllers Association (JATCA) during a recent press conference.

The need to ensure that our systems remain operational and safe for the travelling public is of paramount importance.  The management of the JCAA is committed to maintaining safe, reliable and efficient air navigation services throughout Jamaica’s Flight Information Region (FIR).  As part of this effort, the JCAA has embarked on a phased implementation of the upgrade, replacement and modernisation of the critical equipment and communications, navigation and surveillance (CNS) systems upon which the air navigation services infrastructure is built.

As the Jamaica Air Traffic Controllers Association is aware, this process for replacing the referenced equipment is advanced. In December 2014, the JCAA commissioned a new microwave radio network, which forms the communication backbone for transporting critical information between Air Traffic Controllers and aircraft flying through our airspace. The new network triples the information carrying capacity of the previous network. In March 2015, the JCAA completed the transition to a new MEVA 111 network using IP technology to bolster our coordination capabilities. Additionally, the JCAA has identified a qualified contractor to supply and install other components, including radars, for the new air navigation services infrastructure over the coming 21-month period.  In all of its procurement processes, the JCAA is guided by the Government of Jamaica’s procurement guidelines.

Significantly, as the JCAA awaits the installation of new radar and automation equipment, it has proactively put in place measures in an effort to continue to ensure the safety and reliability of our air navigation systems for the use of the travelling public.

On the pressing issue of the current industrial relations challenges, the JCAA wishes to underscore, that as a statutory body, and portfolio agency of the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, we must adhere to the established policies and procedures prescribed by the Government of Jamaica.  This extends to our approach to wage claims received from unions and staff associations. The management of the JCAA reviewed the wage claim submitted by the JATCA and responded with an offer that was within the parameters established by the Ministry of Finance & Planning.  The management of the JCAA anticipates the JATCA’s participation in the negotiation process.

Further information regarding the contents of the above release may be received by contacting the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority at 960-3948.

The Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) is a statutory organization within the Ministry of Transport, Works and Housing, which is responsible for regulating Jamaica’s aviation industry and supporting its safe and orderly development.

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