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“Let the People Decide”

National Democratic Movement | 2012-01-06 16:18:00


The National Democratic Movement is alarmed at the statement of a former PNP Justice Minister that the way is now clear for Jamaica to adopt the CCJ, as the final court of appeal since the PNP has won the elections. 
The NDM puts on record our strong and unwavering position that the people of Jamaica must decide on the removal of the Privy Council as our final court. 
Justice, good order and equity demands that any government that is truly a ‘peoples’ government’ would adopt a similar position. It is so ironic that at a time in our past and present history when the constant cry of the citizens is for ‘JUSTICE’, is the time when the PNP is being asked to consider removing an unbiased final court of appeal that will not be impacted by the opinions, feelings or influence of the local situation and will only address the Law.  
The NDM also wishes to state that there are other national issues that could be included in the ‘question to the people’: these include hanging, the decriminalising of ganja and even  
For any government to refuse to let the people decide would be a major travesty of JUSTICE.

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