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Mixed Economy Presents Investment Opportunites

Breakthrough Communications | 2012-01-06 10:43:00


Kingston, Jamaica; Opportunites abound for moderate and higher risk investors. That’s the word from Merrick Plummer, Research Manager, Pan Caribbean Financial Services (PCFS). Speaking at the Investment Outlook briefing at the Terra Nova Hotel on Tuesday, November 29, Mr. Plummer said the mix of current local and international economic factors have combined to create good investment options in stocks and bonds. The event is the first in a series of islandwide briefings.
Speaking to a full house of current and potential clients, Mr. Plummer noted that investors are in a ‘wait and see’ mode with developments relating to pending elections, the IMF agreement, negative rating actions and the threat of further fallout in Europe. With high reserve levels facilitating a relatively stable exchange rate and interest rates continuing to trend down, he pointed to variable rate and corporate bonds, unit trusts and blue chip stocks as strong options for low to moderate risk investors. Government paper and emerging stars in the Junior Stock Market were also highlighted as good medium to long-term choices for maximum returns. Investors with a higher risk appetite were encouraged to look to international emerging markets and explore real estate options, once they have the relevant information and are prepared to stay invested.
Mr. Plummer said factors such as the debt crisis in Europe and the slowdown in global economies has increased the level of uncertainty resulting in undervalued assets. However, he noted that world leaders and multilateral agencies have demonstrated their commitment to resolving the current issues and implement measures to boost growth. This environment is likely to yield several investment opportunities in international stocks, bonds and commodities. He made the point that with the proper information and guidance, challenges can be transformed into opportunities and long-term rewards, noting that discipline is key to a good investment strategy.
PanCaribbean’s credit rating was reaffirmed jmA+ by CariCRIS, the Caribbean's regional credit rating agency. PCFS was also awarded the prestigious Governor General’s Award for Excellence by the Jamaica Stock Exchange in 2009 for the second consecutive year and was more recently awarded the Investor’s Choice Champion Company Award 2010.  The company is a member of the Sagicor Group and the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

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